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Apostle Accounting Limited app has now been developed and launched to enable clients to have access to their accounting deadlines at the touch of a fingertip. This provides clients to links of all our extensive range of services and provides clients with a secure upload function eliminating the need for external software with additional costs. Download today!

Subscribe to our youtube channel to see videos of the app in use and tutorials to help navigate the app and use the document upload feature. It will guide you through set up of your account via the app (existing clients only – new clients can contact us to obtain a quote then will receive onboarding tutorials)

As accountants and finance brokers we are well placed to support your business in various ways from scaling up your business whilst getting to grip with the numbers using financial forecasting to advising on funding solutions such as invoice financing to ease cashflow. Apostle Accounting Limited are a close knit team working together to provide the best outcome for you and your business saving you time which could be better spent elsewhere on your business whilst saving you tax. We can also advise on investing this money saved to make your money work harder for you which ensures a fully comprehensive all round advisory process for new and existing clients coming onboard with us.

During the pandemic there have inevitably been many businesses struggling and in need of financial support whether that be with assistance in grants or recovery loans through our financial brokerage or whether that is spending time with us discussing the profitability of the business and identifying ways to encourage growth. We offer scenario planning to give business owners a real insight into the impact certain financial decisions will make on the business cashflow for the next 6-12 months and is an important way of prioritising investment within the business.

One example of how this could be useful is when identifying the impact of NI increases for employees along with national living wage increases and pension contributions. Many business owners implement these changes without seeing first hand how this will impact their business and what can be done to mitigate this impact.


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